The Top Five Benefits of Tree Pruning in Waltham, MA

April 17, 2018

Like most homeowners and commercial property owners, you may care a lot about the trees that help make up your landscaping. But while it’s likely that you appreciate all that your trees offer, you might be at a loss when it comes to how to protect them. The experts will likely tell you to establish a pruning schedule. The following are the top five benefits of tree pruning in Waltham, MA:

  • Improves tree health:
    One of the most important things everyone should know about tree pruning is that it improves tree health and stability, keeping them going strong for the long-term. Cutting away dead or diseased limbs and other tree parts allows the tree to send nutrients to the remaining, healthy branches so they can continue growing. Another reason to prune your trees is to thin them out. Pruning dense trees decreases the weight of the branches and increases the amount of sunlight and fresh air that is able to reach the trees.
  • Fights pests and infections:
    When done regularly and properly, pruning is good for the health of your trees in many ways, including helping them to fight off infections and pests like insects and rodents. For a tree to remain healthy, remove any infected branches, or contact a tree expert to pinpoint the exact cause of the infection. Once a part of a tree is infected, the infection can travel to healthy parts of the tree, endangering the tree’s survival. In short, dead branches attract pests and are susceptible to infections—prune them to prevent the problem from spreading.
  • Keeps trees beautiful:
    A healthy tree is a beautiful tree, and pruning keeps trees looking their very best. For starters, simply cutting away dead branches will make the entire tree look a lot better. But with additional pruning and trimming, you’ll also be able to shape the tree. Doing this can smooth out uneven growth patterns to make the tree more pleasing to look at.
  • Increases safety:
    Another reason trees should be pruned on a regular basis is for safety. Trees, especially very large ones, can be a danger to people and property when dead, dying or weak branches are not removed. Problem branches are a risk in that they may break off unexpectedly during windy days, rainstorms or heavy snow. The result of branches smashing down range from damage to homes, structures and vehicles to personal injury.
  • Promotes tree growth:
    Even though pruning and trimming removes limbs from trees, this type of tree maintenance actually promotes tree growth. Getting rid of dead, damaged or overgrown limbs means that vital nutrients are not getting wasted. Instead, nutrients and energy go directly to the healthier parts of the tree, including other branches and leaves, as well as flowers and buds. By pruning away older parts of flowering trees, you are encouraging new growth and promoting long-term health.

Professional tree pruning in Waltham, MA is the best option to ensure that your trees stay healthy and beautiful for years to come. Call Treelex today to schedule your appointment!

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