Tree Planting in Waltham, MA

Looking to add beautiful greenery to your landscape? Want the majesty and shade a towering tree brings with it? Treelex will help you plan-for and plant a tree the right way, so it grows into something you can enjoy for decades to come. We deliver complete tree planting in Waltham, MA: from helping you pick the right species, to picking the proper spot, to the planting, bracing and ongoing care.

Plant the Right Tree

plantingYou can’t just plant any old tree and expect it to thrive. It takes a lot of planning and understanding of trees to make the right planting decision. The best way to make sure you’re planting the right tree is to consult with an arborist in Waltham, MA.

At Treelex, we help you understand which tree species would be the best fit for your property and how to best plant and care for them.

Conversely, we can help you understand why a specific tree won’t work and what the potential problems might be. Our goal is to make sure you’re left with only the best tree, perfectly-suited for planting on your property.

Proper Planting and Tending

After helping you pick the right tree for planting, we’ll make sure it gets installed on your property the right way. This includes choosing the prime spot, bracing it, bedding it and anything else that might be required for healthy growth. We strive to give your tree every opportunity to grow healthy and strong.

Even after the initial planting, the Treelex team will work with you to make sure your new tree us growing up healthily. We can schedule routine check-ins and basic services, including adjusting bracing and identifying any necessary treatments that may be required to protect it.

Plant a Tree

Want to plant a tree and watch it grow strong? Make sure you’re consulting with Treelex first! Contact our expert staff today at 617-431-8055 to learn more about what you need to do to ensure you’re giving a new tree the best chance to flourish.

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