Tree Removal in Waltham, MA

Sometimes, a tree needs to come down. Instead of picking up a chainsaw and putting yourself, your home or others in danger, contact Treelex to make sure your tree is safely removed. We take the time to coordinate the best approach and can consult with you extensively about your options for tree removal service in Waltham, MA.

Safe Removal
The most important variable to consider when removing a tree is safety. Our crews operate with the utmost safety in mind, taking care to consider anything that might pose hazardous to the safe removal of your tree. We factor in things like:

  • Power lines and other utilities
  • Proximity to buildings and property installations
  • Presence of other trees or foliage nearby
  • Size of your lot

We take everything into account and double check everything before we get to work. And, when we do start to take down the tree, we execute with safety first. This includes safe machinery operation, protective gear and keen attention regarding the work area. We’re proud to say that this approach has led us to keep a clean, safe track record!

Reasons for Removal
There are a number of reasons for removing a tree. We’ll be happy to discuss your situation at length, to make sure removing the tree is the right course of action. Some common reasons include:

  • Tree has a debilitating condition/infestation
  • Tree is dead or compromised in integrity
  • Tree is growing too close to structures or utilities
  • Tree is overgrown and decaying

Whatever the reason for your tree removal, count on us to make sure all boxes are checked before any cutting begins.

Treelex is your trusted resource for tree removal, as well as pruning and tree trimming in Waltham, MA. Contact us today at 617-431-8055 and let our arborists tend to your trees properly—even the ones that need to come down.

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